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Our aim is to support leaders at all levels of the organisation to go one better in their roles. The ‘why’ behind all our learning programs is to build a successful leadership team that takes autonomous decisions, values accountability and authenticity and always dares to take an action.

There are a few Leadership programs available to our leaders at William Hill:

Take the Lead: Leadership Essentials

A global learning program for junior leaders covering subjects such as ‘Leadership Mindset’, ‘Winning Feedback’, ‘Planning with Confidence’, ‘Change and Resilience’ and ‘Wellbeing at Work’. Additionally, thanks to the Programme, our leaders have a chance to reflect on their skills as regards coaching, managing change, building engagement but also leading remote teams and supporting virtual collaboration...

The program is facilitated virtually, supporting new leaders build their network and collaborate with peers globally.

Thanks to this programme, our leaders:

• reflect on their own leadership competencies and set developmental goals to grow as a leader.

• meet leaders from different parts of the business.

• improve your skills and gain new knowledge on the key leadership capabilities.

• boost their confidence as leaders as well as increase their own and their team’s performance and engagement.

Here’s what our participants say about Take the Lead: Leadership Essentials:

• I think this course helps people understand what a good leader looks like. Speaking to others you learn more about how to become a better leader as we all take tips from each other.

• Lots of great information that would / can help anyone regardless of age or prior experiences. It’s helping me grow and learn more about my work style and how to be better at it.

• The content is really useful and I can easily relate to the examples shared.

The Leadership Diploma 

A four-day intensive face-to-face training programme designed for mid-level leaders of William Hill. The content of the programme is based on scientifically proven concepts and the best leadership practices.

The content and the format have been approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management and received the Institute’s accreditation...

During the programme, our leaders increase their self-awareness as leaders, gain valuable knowledge on the best practices and practice what they’ve learned, sharing their experiences with other leaders from different parts of the business. .

During live workshops, our leaders learn about the key leadership capabilities: communication, change management, self-care, conflict resolution, feedback, time management and others. In addition to group discussions, all delegates are offered 1-1 coaching sessions. .

Here’s what our leaders say about the programme:

• The trainers have a very good dynamic between them. They bring detailed knowledge with solid academic backgrounds and application in day-to-day operations, and together they infuse all that with a broader experience.

• The course was really engaging with topics which I found relevant to my role and daily life. The instructors were knowledgeable and were able to answer questions. The format of the course was good, with exercises, discussion and diagrams. No PowerPoint Presentation which was refreshing.

• Possibility to gain plenty of knowledge and tools. Everything (literally EVERYTHING) will be useful on daily basis in both business and private life.

• It was the first course I’ve been to where I was involved throughout the whole 8hour day. Plus, we were tackling a lot of essential topics which I can use in my job as well as in my personal life, and already I can see where I can apply it at work.

Internal Growth

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in Malta and the success of our growth depends on our internal talent. Investing in our employee's learning and development has always been an important part of our culture and fundament of our company values. Develop your skills and expand your knowledge, and the sky will be the limit to how far you grow with us!

Trust us, these are not empty promises - over 25% of our vacancies are filled internally and it is something we are extremely proud of! All our employees are given an opportunity to apply for internal vacancies and are granted an interview. Additionally, we provide them with a possibility of a 1-1 coaching session before an interview.

There are multiple opportunities whether you are joining a new industry, or you are an established leader already. With live open webinars on a variety of topics from Introduction to Sportsbook, to Wellbeing you can rely on us to have you covered. As a leader you can embrace training at all levels, cumulating in internationally accredited certifications in leadership delivered in-house. 

Mentoring is another opportunity for us all to get involved - MentorME is our in-house mentoring platform that allows everyone to find a mentor within our organisation or become a mentor. We all have some superpower, why not share it with others?

Lastly, all our employees have access to an e-learning platform full of podcasts, articles and videos covering subjects of Resilience, Influence, Time Management and much, much more.

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