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The Ultimate Journey is an exciting career path designed for our Customer Operations team in Malta. From onboarding training up to possibilities of internal promotions available for you in Payments, Fraud, VIP and other teams across Operations, Marketing and Product. Take a look below to learn more about the stages in your future journey with us.

Upon joining the William Hill family, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into our 4-week intense training programme, designed to provide you with all the tools necessary to begin your career at William Hill!

Included in the Family tier is a complete 360° training workshop with our fully qualified in-house trainers taking you through all the various elements and processes of the casino, payments, responsible gaming, sportsbook, compliance teams and so much more.

Welcome to the Peer Tier. As the name suggests, the Peer Tier is where you will learn more about the people you work with and better understand how we all work together ‘on the same side’.
In this Tier we aim to support you, support our players LIVE through the assistance of Peer support.


In the Quality Tier, we take your standard of work to the next level! You’ll be given the tools to best handle complaints, retain customers and deliver the very best customer experience.
Understanding what makes excellent and award-winning customer service is the objective of the Quality Tier. Our aim is to ensure you are equipped to deliver quality and excellence, all the while keeping your ‘Eyes on the customer’.


The Involvement Tier teaches you more about Responsible Gaming, Fraud and other interesting topics that open paths to becoming more involved in operations on a whole.
Learn to see things from a different department’s perspective and really ‘Give a damn’ when it comes to ensuring our players have fun in a safe and responsible environment and to ensure no one is harmed through gambling.


You’ve made it to our fifth and final tier! Now is the time to share your knowledge and interact with operations and William Hill as a whole.
As a senior specialist we want to see you on the other side, teaching and passing on all you have learnt and to really ‘own it’.

Our aim is to support leaders at all levels of organisation to go one better in their roles. The ‘why’ behind all our learning programs is to build a successful leadership team that takes autonomous decisions, values accountability, authenticity and always dares to take an action.

There are a few Leadership programs available to our leaders at William Hill:

  • ‘Take the lead’ - a virtual learning program for junior leaders covering subjects such as ‘Being a Leader’, ‘Winning Feedback’, ‘Mastering Motivation’ and ‘Challenging Conversations’. Additionally, thanks to the Programme, our leaders have a chance to reflect on their skills as regards coaching, managing change, building engagement but also leading remote teams and supporting virtual collaboration. Program is facilitated virtually, supporting new leaders build their network and collaborate with peers globally.
  • The Leadership Diploma - a six-day long training programme designed for junior and mid-level leaders of William Hill. At its inception five years ago it was limited just to those in Malta but since our family has grown we’ve invited leaders from across William Hill to join the programme.

The Diploma consists of three main blocks: leading yourself, leading the team and leading the future. In addition to group discussions delegates are offered 1-1 coaching sessions. Participation in the programme allows our managers to learn leadership skills but most importantly build relationships and support networks across William Hill globally.

But don't just take our word for it, this is what some of the delegates have to say about it...

'Trainers have a very good dynamic between them. They bring detailed knowledge with solid academic background and application in day-to-day operations; and together they infuse all that with a broader experience.'

'Trainers opened the discussion to everyone to talk over the ideas and share their thoughts, rather than it just being a lecture.'

'What I enjoyed the most about the Leadership Diploma is the importance of reflection and tools to do this effectively. Also, a peer group is built that we can talk to outside of our specific departments.'

  • Balanced Leadership Program - moving to a fully remote set up in 2020, required us to quickly adapt our skills and re-think the way we work and lead. That is why we designed a new global learning program for all our leaders. During this program, we cover subjects of trust and psychological safety, leading remote team, communicating virtually as well as importance of mental health at work. By the end of 2020, over 300 leaders joined Balanced Leadership program, here’s some of their feedback:

'It was a very worthwhile course, loved the breakout sessions to hear the experience of others.'

'Trainers had great energy, you can tell they are passionate about the subjects presented.'

'The pre-course work had a lot of useful information that was then brought to live during a live session. Really interesting content and provided a lot to think about moving forward.'

  • In 2021, we plan to launch another development program - this time for more for senior leaders. The program will focus on neuroleadership - how neuroscience can be applied in leadership and daily operations at work.

Apart from the mentioned programs, we are offering a Public Speaking Certificate, a Mental Health First Aid program as well as various weekly webinars:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Building stress resilience: an easy method that works for all
  • Fundamental rules of constructive feedback
  • Work-life balance and psychological detachment
  • Effective ways of setting and achieving goals

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in Malta and the success of our growth depends on our internal talent. Investing in our employee's learning and development has always been an important part of our culture and fundament of our company values. Develop your skills and expand your knowledge, and only the sky will be the limit to how far you grow with us!

And trust us, these are not empty promises - over 25% of our vacancies are filled internally and it is something we are extremely proud of! All our employees are given an opportunity to apply for internal vacancies and are granted an interview. Additionally, we provide them with a possibility of a 1-1 coaching session before an interview.

Mentoring is another opportunity for us all to get involved - MentorME is our in-house mentoring platform that allows everyone to find a mentor within our organisation or become a mentor. We all have some superpower, why not share it with others?

Lastly, all our employees have access to an e-learning platform full of podcasts, articles and videos covering subjects of Resilience, Influence, Time Management and much, much more.

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